our mobile kitchen

our mobile kitchen

Hi, my name is Michael Musoke and I am the co-owner of OTG. There is a funny story of how we arrived here. I have always had a passion for cooking it just took some winding roads to get to this point. While in high school I held a cooking job at a local seafood restaurant in Brandon. It was really an excuse to get out of chores at home, but I really liked what I was doing. I realized I wanted to be a head chef, so I started a catering club at my high school. But I realized that I wanted to own the restaurant, not just cook, so instead of going to a culinary school, rather I went to the University of Florida. I continued to cook throughout college, but by the time I graduated, I wanted to become a farmer.

So in 2006, we incorporated Aquaorganics, a farm that uses aquaculture ( Tilapia, Fresh water Lobster, and Koi) to fertilize hydroponic systems ( lettuce, kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, celery, bok choi, and culinary herbs.) The farm is great, we sell at local farmers markets, have a small buying club, and sell to a few restaurants, but it still was missing something.

Then it all came together in 2010 when we decided to create a mobile food trailer that would feature items from the farm on the menu and outsource items we didn’t grow from as many local sources as possible. The result was Off The Grid..Off the griddle…Off The GriDdle…combining both of my worlds into one.┬áSince then we have been on a mission to get this good food to the people.

Inside our mobile kitchen:

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